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Patient Surveys

In house patient survey 2019

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Patient Survey 2018

95% of respondents describe that generally, it is easy to get through to someone at your GP practice on the phone.

96% of respondents describe that last time they had a general practice appointment, the healthcare professional treated them with care and concern

To see the full survey results go to www.gp-patient.co.uk/report?practicecode=H84055


94% of respondents describe their experience of making an appointment as good.

Local CCG average 75%, national average 73%

93% of respondents find it easy to get through to this surgery by phone.

Local CCG average 79% national average 71%

100% of respondents describe their overall experience of this surgery as good.

Local CCG average 87% national average 85%

To see the full survey results go to www.gp-patient.co.uk/report?practicecode=H84055


87% of our patients rated the Practice as good, very good or excellent. We are constantly striving to improve and so we looked into the following areas where patients felt that we could do better:

Opening Hours and Seeing a Practitioner within 48 hours

We currently offer a late evening surgery on alternate Monday and Tuesday evenings and we operate a Saturday morning surgery between 9am and 10am and our telephone lines are open between 8.30 and 10.30 am. In addition to this, we have also teamed up with our neighbouring Practices to operate a Hub GP service at Sheen Lane Health Centre 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm. Appointments can be booked through our Reception in the usual way.

Illness Prevention

We believe that the best outcomes for patients happen when they are fully involved in their care. During the past year we have asked various specialists to come in and give presentations and take questions and have covered hypertension, back pain and osteoarthritis. We hope to continue this programme if patient demand is strong.

Seeing a Practitioner of Choice

We have dedicated a page on our website to providing details of the days and times that each GP works. We hope that this will enable people to plan ahead book appointments with their practitioner of choice. Please click on the ‘GP Availability’ page on the left hand side of the screen.


Overall 88% of patients considered the Practice to be Good, Very Good or Excellent.  The following three areas were where patients, although scoring us well, had some concerns.

Out of Hours Care

The Practice decided, with other Practices in Richmond, to investigate an alternative service.  A steering group was set up and lengthy discussions took place, which led to the de-commissioning of the existing service with Care UK and commissioning of a new service, in November 2014, with East Berkshire OOHs.

The service now involves a direct line to a Clinician, once demographic details have been taken by an Administrator. So far we have had very positive responses to the new service.  This is a bespoke service for patients in Richmond and focused on the needs of Richmond residents.

Information on Services

A leaflet was produced, for older people and carers, with local services/providers, including charitable organisations, who could offer help and support.  This included addresses and contact numbers.  The document was written by the Patient Participation Group to ensure it was in a format that was suitable for patients.  The leaflet was so successful it was taken up by other Practices and is now used borough-wide.  The aim is for more of these information sheets to be produced in future.


It was noted that advertising information was restricted mainly to patients attending the surgery.  A search revealed that we had email addresses with patient’s permission to use.  Receptionists were asked to remind patients about an emailing option and to take email addresses and get consent for their use.

Originally it was believed that we did not have the capability to transfer all these emails into a useful format for bulk mailing.  Staff were asked to undertake training to enable them to do this.  All patients, with an email address, have now been sent an introductory email with a covering letter from the PPG inviting them to become involved with the PPG, either by joining the board or becoming virtual members.

In future we shall be able to send out Newsletters by email and also general information. 

Patient Participation Group

Friends & Family Test

  • We would like you to think about your recent experiences of our service.

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