Sheen Surgery

Sheen Lane Health Centre, Sheen Lane, East Sheen, London, SW14 8LP

Telephone: 020 8876 4086

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Mission Statement

Dr Johnson & Partners

June 2020




The Practice aims to provide the highest standard of holistic healthcare to patients by ensuring continuity of care from a dedicated multi-disciplinary team. We pride ourselves on offering safe and timely care, treating all of our patients with respect, being open and transparent and providing integrated, community based care.

Our Values

Promoting the best health outcomes for all

We aim to respond to patient needs by providing a range of services and supporting our patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are continually striving to learn from our successes and mistakes and to adapt to change.

Respecting all

We work in partnership with our patients, ensuring they are informed of decisions about their care. At all times patients will be listened to and treated with respect. We strive to ensure equal access to all.


All staff members work closely together and we ensure the highest standards of training and communication are maintained. We actively engage with all relevant external agencies.


We promote a culture of openness and transparency to ensure all staff are accountable for their actions. The highest standard of patient and staff confidentiality will be maintained at all times.


Patient and staff safety is of great importance. Premises are well maintained, infection control procedures are followed and staff are trained in all aspects of Health & Safety.


As well as ensuring our own staff receive regular training, as a ‘Training Practice’, we help to educate the NHS Clinicians of the future.