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Our New Computer System at Dr Johnson & Partners

On Monday, 25th August 2020, we will be moving to a new clinical computer system. The reason for this change is that our current system is old and increasingly unsuitable for the needs of the patients and practice. There will be many benefits to this change that will help us to improve the way we manage your care.

It is important that you read this, especially if you are on regular medication or use our online service.

In preparation for the changeover of computer systems, there will be some temporary changes to our services in the coming weeks, to allow for the new system installation and staff training:

No advanced booking of appointments will be available from 18thAugust until our new system is ready on 25th August 2020

We will not have access to our new appointments diary until our new system is live. No other patients will be able to book ahead either, so there should be plenty of appointments available once we are up and running again.

Request prescriptions in advance – Before 18th August 2020

Our computer facilities will be significantly reduced between the 18th August and 26th August so we ask you to kindly ensure that all requests for prescriptions are submitted to us before then.

All same day appointments from date 18th August to the 26th August will be for Medical Emergencies only

The surgery will be open as usual and will offer same day appointments only. Due to the reduced facilities, we kindly ask you to avoid contacting the surgery during these few days, unless you have a medical emergency that you feel cannot wait. Rest assured if you do need to contact a doctor, we will be here to help.

Patient Online prescriptions requests and online appointments -18th August until 28th August

The current online system will be closed down on 18th August. Your current login and password will no longer work with our new system. We will reissue passwords to all relevant patients from the 26th August onwards. Please bear with us as there will be a high number to be actioned. We think you will like the new Online Patient Access.

We will endeavour to be back to normal as soon as possible, and would like to thank you for your patience and understanding with these improvements which will benefit you as well as the practice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: My Annual Review is due during the period in which you have indicated that appointment availability will be reduced, and only same day urgent appointments will be seen. What should I do?


Answer: We kindly ask you to attend for your review after the changeover period. Please contact the surgery after our ‘Go Live’ date on 26th August, to book your appointment.

Question: What if I run out of medication during the period you have indicated as ‘emergency requests only? (18th August to the 26th August?)

Answer: Please try to avoid running out of your medication by contacting us to request your prescription early. If you do run out of medication, contact your usual pharmacist who may be able to assist you, or contact the surgery, and we will help.

Question: What effect will the changeover have on the surgery and staff?

Answer: Effective from 18th August, we will have to shut down our existing clinical system to transfer all the data to the new one. During this period, we will be working manually without computer access for about a week. Once live with the new system, all staff will require training, which will mean some activities may take longer until everyone is confident using the new system.


Question: What if I feel I need to see a GP during the period you have said you can only see urgent same day appointments (18th August to 26th August)?

Answer: Please don’t worry. As mentioned, we are open as normal and anyone who needs treatment will be seen or telephoned as required. The receptionist will refer any calls to a GP who will then determine the best course of action for you.

Question: You have said that I’ll need a new and different password for online prescription requests, why can’t I keep my old one? Answer: Our online prescription requests and appointments service will be made through the new EMIS clinical system. This being a new system so the old log ins will no longer work.


We hope that we have answered the most important questions you may have raised however, if you have further questions please don’t hesitate to speak to our reception team. Thank you for your patience and understanding with this worthwhile project which will be of benefit to both the practice and all our patients





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