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Posted on February 17th, 2023


It is never to late to give up smoking. Why not start with No Smoking Day on 8th March 2023.

• Make No Smoking Day 2023 the day you quit for good – you’ve got what it takes!

• Quitting smoking protects your brain health and reduces your chances of dementia.

• Getting support really boosts your chances of quitting – you’re up to three times as likely to succeed.

• Support from local stop smoking services gives you the best chance of success,and GP’s and pharmacists can also give advice and tips to help you quit.

• It’s never too late to quit – stopping improves health and wellbeing, even if you’re already sick from smoking.

• On average smokers spend £47 a week on tobacco, that’s nearly £2,500 a year to spend on other things once you quit.

• There are a range of free quitting support to help you on No Smoking Day including:

• the NHS Quit Smoking app, daily emails and SMS;

• information and advice on stop smoking aids, including how vaping can help you quit; and an online Personal Quit Plan tool that helps you find a combination of support that’s right for you.

• expert support from local Stop Smoking Services

Make the 8th March your day to stop smoking please visit



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